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From the moment the Alte Zigarrenmanufaktur (old cigar manufactory) first opened its doors in 1900, in Heidelberg, it has hosted history. Originated in the Wilhelminian period around 1900, it initially served as a tobacco factory, before being assigned various functions in the following decades. Find out all the relevant milestones in its changeable history here and let us take you on a journey.


Our ancestor Mr. J.M. Pfeiffer, founder of one of the leading tobacco companies in Germany at that time, assigned the famous architect Ph.Thomas to plan a new manufactory, which should be dedicated to modern working conditions and designed as a constructional gem - With the laying of the first stone in 1897 an architectural landmark rose in the western part of Heidelberg, which is still owned by the family.


Growing tobacco has a long tradition in southwestern Germany. The first recorded mention of the plant goes back to 1537. Only a few know about the successful story of German tobacco plantations – at the peak of its history a third of Germany`s total acreage dedicated to the crop. The Alte Zigarrenmanufaktur opened the new headquarter building in 1900 and for the following 30 years became a leading producer of exclusive cigars made in Germany.


Due to upcoming health concerns in the late twenties and the fact that tobacco became more and more a subject of scientific researches as well as the lung cancer sickness our ancestor suffered from, the family decided to quit with the tobacco industry. In 1930 the historic manufactory building was completely renovated for the first time in its long history into a residential building in one of Heidelberg`s most desirable neighbourhoods.


For the second time in its history the building underwent a massive renovation driven by the vision to bring its architectonic beauty to life again while designing an extraordinary and modern environment for the demanding global citizen. No detail has been overlooked during the laborious construction progress. Among using products of highest quality the family`s understanding of a luxurious building is also defined by a sustainable construction in order to act responsibly with resources and protect the world we live in. Therefore, we are proud to be able to say, that the more than 100 years old building can now cope with the latest standards in modern technology and energy efficiency.


After so many passionate years of planning and designing to meet the sophisticated expectations on a luxurious accommodation, where the focus is entirely on our lovely guests, the Alte Zigarrenmanufaktur – Boutique Suites Heidelberg opened its doors again to welcome travellers and residents from all over the world. Rated as a 4 Star Superior All-Suite-Hotel the concept is mostly defined by retransforming luxury travel experiences by delivering the exceptional and authentic feeling of being home while being abroad. Let us take you on a journey, where your personal needs are most important and will meet a strong ethic of personal service in an extraordinary historic environment to deeply enjoy worry-free residential living.

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