Boutique Hotel Heidelberg

It is clear from the moment you enter the building: we do things a little differently in our Boutique Hotel in Heidelberg. Housed in a recently restored cigar manufactory from 1890s, the hotel has been furnished and decorated for the demanding cosmopolitan. As one of a kind, our Hotel provides high-quality and stylish spaces for contemporary lifestyles.
We await you with an intimate collection of Boutique Suites & Residences and it goes without saying that you will get to enjoy a specialized service to make you feel as comfortable as you would stay in a 5 star hotel in Heidelberg.

Stay with us for a change of scene

To us it is extremely important to deliver you an exceptional experience while meeting your unique expectations on a stay in a Boutique Hotel in Heidelberg.

Home meets Hotel

Our Boutique Hotel - an authentic concept for our guests

We do believe, that the key characteristic of a Boutique Hotel is a hospitality design defined by aesthetic, functionality, and an individualized service in an intimate and luxurious atmosphere.
We want our guests to benefit from an extraordinary environment, where history links to modern and elegant standards of living. We strive to be the best solution for your short or longterm stay in Heidelberg and aim to fulfil your personal needs with utmost care as your wellbeing is most important to us.

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